December 12, 2015

Business Process Management







Business Process Management (BPM) is a systematic approach to improve an organization’s business processes. BPM enables organizations to model, design, implement, and monitor all critical processes that span multiple enterprise applications across different departments. BPM activities seek to make business processes more effective, more efficient, and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment.


MaxxSource specializes in monitoring the daily operations of businesses to ensure the optimal level of

  • Control – Be confident that your operations are working in accordance with business requirements, corporate policies, and external mandates.
  • Flexibility – Design solutions to meet your business process requirements including workflow design, user/role assignments, business rules, and legacy system integrations. Ensure the environment architecture provides a solution that can be applied to other business applications.
  • Tracking – Monitor and manage the progress of items as they move through a process cycle or a set of system stages. Resolve process bottlenecks before they accumulate.
  • Collaboration – Involve the right internal and external stakeholders at the right time.
  • Accuracy – Acknowledge business responses at the proper stage in the process, not in an exception report after a defect has been reported.
  • Insight – Obtain real-time access to the most detailed items and data in a business process to better manage and analyze resources, exceptions and decisions.

It is our goal to positively and quickly impact businesses financially while improving the way business operations are done. With a more thorough consultation and understanding of your business requirements, we promise immediate improvements in process efficiency, increased productivity, and profits.


Benefits of Business Process Management

1. Transparency

BPM makes a business process absolutely transparent, greatly improving visibility and efficiency. Bottlenecks can literally be seen and removed. BPM illustrates where most delays are occurring while passing from one stage to another.

2. Process Efficiency

The initial configuration and design exercise coupled with the data that emerges after running processes for some time can allow refinement of core organizational processes.

3. Better Turn Around Time

BPM provides immediate automation of data and can be easily retrieved or virtualized to trigger systematic or user based events. Thus, reducing turn around time!

Workflow Customization

Workflow ManagementFirms may struggle to automate their business processes. This will result in reduced productivity and ultimately hurt their bottom-line. Effective workflow management eliminates inefficient trends which reduces operating costs and improves the bottom-line. This can create greater free cash flow that can be re-invested to grow the business. MaxxSource specializes in monitoring workflow management operations. We will ensure business applications are implemented in an efficient, cost-effective manner and ensure that users are properly utilizing the application.

Workflow customization and Business Process Management are vital tools and applications in an era where businesses rely so heavily on data and information.