May 21, 2018


Pegasystems is a leader in the field of BPM software and is active worldwide. Pega is considered as the market leader in BPM solutions by Gartner and Forrester. With the PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC for short), Pegasystems enables companies to set up processes that are efficient, flexible and transparent. The unique “Build for Change” features of the software make it possible to rapidly adapt your processes to changing circumstances. With Pega, your organization wields a powerful BPM software platform that gives you control over all your business processes.

The software offers many possibilities for building an application in a short time and easily integrating it in existing systems in your organization. Pega supports the common protocols for making these links. Applications are built in a reusable and flexible way without hard-coding anything into the system. This enabled changes to be carried out by authorized users and/or administrators.

The possibilities of Pega are very extensive, but that is also its pitfall. BPM Company helps you avoid the pitfalls by deploying the technology in the correct way in your organization and training your staff to work with it. We are happy to help your organization with the implementation of Pega as a BPM solution.

BPM Company has been a partner of Pegasystems since 2011 and has since accumulated a lot of experience. Our consultants are certified by Pegasystems and know how to optimally use the technology in your organization. From their passion, they stay up to date on the latest developments of Pega and the possibilities offered by the new versions. We also look at how Pega can be successfully combined with other technologies in an existing ICT architecture.

Together with you, we look at how Pega can be used best for various purposes within your organization and what projects connect to that. In project teams, consisting of your employees and our professionals, we build the applications that make this possible. We try to find coherence between projects and determine what Pega frameworks can be used.

Innovation with PRPC

In 2013, Alexander Schutte, one of the founders of BPM Company, gave a presentation at PegaWorld 2013 about combining PRPC with Google Maps. View this presentation here.

Want to know more?

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Pega has solutions for Marketing, Customer Service, Sales & Onboarding and Operations built on top of its Unified Architecture which includes BPM, Case Management, Decisioning and Mobile.